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The Sun Down Motel Simone St. James
by Simone St James

An excellent thriller/mystery from Ms. St. James. I quite enjoyed the dual timelines, and watching the story unfold from 1982 and 2017. It wasn't the same formula you've read time and time again; it was refreshing, suspenseful, and an overall great read.

Archenemies Renegades Book 2
by Marissa Meyer

I love everything that Marissa Meyer writes. I've read this book twice now and each time I laughed, cried, gasped and was enraptured in this world that Meyer has created. Amazingly well done.

The lost years
by Mary Higgins Clark

It’s pretty good so far it’s full of suspense and causes you to wonder who is it so it’s kind of like a clue or who is it book

Curiouse George
by H.a. Rey

I loved the books and so did my brother. The book i read him was about learning small. I read the sentence and he read the small words to be learned.

The Second Sleep, A Novel By Robert Harris
by Robyn Carr Virgin River Series

In 1468 a young priest is sent to a remote village to bury his predecessor. He finds strewn across the land a vast artifacts of coins, plastic, broken glass and bones which the dead pastor used to collect. In the next few days while trying to uncover the mystery he finds his faith and everything he believes in tested.

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn At Home And In School
by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

Excellent book with lots of practical tips! Now I just need to remember the right things to say in the future to follow their good advice. I am a teacher and a parent, so these tips will come in handy.

Ungovernable The Victorian
by Therese Oneill

This book has some interesting parts, but I admit I ended up only skimming it in search of the good parts because the humor got somewhat tiresome pretty quickly, as if the author were trying too hard to be funny.

Christmas Boutique
by Jennifer Chiaverini

Like all of the Elm Creek quilt books, this gentle story was wonderful and heartwarming. Reading Chiaverini's exquisitely crafted prose is always a joy. As an English teacher, I admire her detailed yet eloquent sentences. As a quilter, I get inspired by her stories and want to go quilt something! I was very excited to see a new Elm Creek book because it had been several years since the last one appeared, but I was somewhat confused at the beginning because the book's events occur before the most recent events in the series timeline. (For example, this book occurs before Sarah has her twins.) Also, I noticed that there were flashbacks for each character and not a lot of current plot. However, this allowed me to refresh my memory about each character, and it all was tied up at the end with a positive ending, so it was still a pleasant book to read.

Letters From An Astrophysicist
by Neil Degrasse Tyson

I loved this book. Tyson writes just likes he talks - warmly and confidently. So smart but so down to earth. This book really gave me some things to think about

Pete The Cat And The Magic Sunglasses
by Kimberly and James dean

The two year old has it memorized so he “read” it to me. The expression and intonation he uses make it so fun to hear!
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